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The Lincolnshire Echo and Lincolnshire Live are delighted to once again be hosting Lincolnshire Business Week. The week is a celebration of the incredible companies which operate in the Greater Lincolnshire area. It is a chance for our firms to share the skills which make them among the best in the country. It is a chance to see behind the scenes of some of our finest industries. It is the ultimate opportunity to network. 

We are grateful to the businesses who have signed up to support the event this year and to the dedicated team of business people who work hard to organise the week of activities – which span across the county. For us, the highlights of the week will be the Lincolnshire Echo and Lincolnshire Live Business Awards as well as Business Live. 

We hope you take advantage of the many and varied events taking place this year. Lincolnshire’s business community is alive and thriving – please take the chance to see our success for yourselves.



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